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also a hobby...

Everbody need a challenge. So it is with my motorbike. My brother has acquired some "vintage tat" anytime. After some consideration he decided, that it is to much tat and I could convince to give my this motorbike.
Let's start at the beginning of this motorbike. My DKW NZ 350 was built in 1941. This model was the last motorbike, which was built at DKW in Zschopau. The main application of this motorbike was at the german army Wehrmacht the world war two. The motorbike was leaved in Poland after the war. In the 1990th the motorbike was bought in Poland and came back to Germany and it became my ownership.
Behind the first look it was terrible condition. 50 percent of the parts were damaged and the other 50 percent were wrong. I had bad surprises on every step of restauration.
So I start to regenerate the wheels with new bearings and new spokes. After this I rebuilt the frame and the suspension parts and let paint it. I did the same with the sheet metal components.
The engine was in a god condition. It was only necessery to clean and seal it.

DKW NZ 350

The gasefier had to be cleaned and adjusted. The dynamo had to be configured with new conductors.
At the final assembly it was necessary to rebuild many screw fittings. Attachment parts had to be bring in the old look and the cable harness had to be rebuilt completely. After many hours now my DKW NZ 350 is full functional and a nice eye-catcher.
You can see the motorbike before and after the restauration in the pictures (<). There are helpful links in the Info-centre.

Technical info

Motorbike: DKW NZ 350
Manufacturer: Auto-Union DKW Zschopau
Year of manufacture: 1941
Engine: 1-cyl., 2-stroke air-cooled
Cylinder capacity: 343 ccm
Horsepower: 11.5 hp
Top speed: 105 km/h
Gearbox: 4-speed foot & hand
Weight: 145 kg
Elektrics: 6V
Frame: pressed steel
Fork: parallelogram

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